South Carolina Virtual Charter School outperforms other South Carolina virtual schools on State assessments

October 10, 2023

State assessment results released by the South Carolina Department of Education show South Carolina Virtual Charter School (SCVCS) outperformed all virtual schools as well as the state averages across multiple tested grades and subject areas.

The results from the 2022-2023 school year establish SCVCS as the highest performing virtual elementary, middle and high school in South Carolina.

The South Carolina Palmetto Assessment of State Standards (SCPASS) in Science and the South Carolina College-and Career-Ready Assessments (SC READY) examinations in English Language Arts (ELA) and Mathematics are administered annually to students in grades 3-8 while End of Course Examination Program (EOCEP) tests are given to high school students to evaluate student mastery of state standards.

“We are thrilled at the success of students across all grade levels,” said Dr. Cherry Daniel, Head of School at SCVCS. “Our results reflect our commitment to a rigorous South Carolina based curriculum taught by South Carolina-certified teachers.”

SCVCS students at the elementary level, in grades 3-5, outperformed all virtual peer elementary schools in every grade across the subjects of ELA, Mathematics and Science. In ELA, these rates of proficiency surpassed their virtual peer group by more than 10%; in Science, levels of performance surpassed the virtual peers of SCVCS by greater than 15%.

“We’re proud of our teachers and students for their outstanding results,” said Stephanie Koontz, 3-5 Principal. “We know our live, daily classes provide invaluable support to our students while empowering them to learn anywhere in a safe and structured online environment.”

SCVCS middle school students (grades 6-8) outperformed all four virtual peer middle schools in the State across the subjects of ELA, Mathematics and Science. In both ELA and Math, these levels of proficiency for students in grades 6-8 surpassed their virtual peer group in South Carolina by greater than 5%. In the subject of Science, SCVCS middle school scores surpassed their virtual peer group by more than 22%.

SCVCS high school students produced pass rates on the EOCEP exams that surpassed all six of the virtual high school options in the state across subjects tested.

In Algebra, the percentage of students earning a C or higher on this exam exceeded other virtual peer groups by nearly 30%. In Biology, this rate surpassed virtual peers by more than 23%. In US History, SCVCS students outperformed their virtual peers by 18.4%. In English 2, pass rates for SCVCS students were 7% higher than their virtual peers.

“We’re proud to empower students to reach educational milestones at SCVCS,” added Michelle Patterson, Director of Curriculum and Instruction and Middle School Administrator. “By fostering a vibrant, interactive e-learning environment, we work to see our students grow and succeed.”

In addition to outperforming all virtual peer schools in South Carolina, SCVCS increased in proficiency across all three subjects at an elementary and high school level when compared to 2022.

Furthermore, SCDE administers the South Carolina Ready Test to all eleventh-grade students to measure the most common skills that employers define as foundational for career readiness. Students are assessed in four key areas: soft skills, math, reading, and data. SCVCS outperformed the state with 74.3% of SCVCS tested students receiving a credential compared to 71.6% for the state.

“We strive to make our students ready for the next step in their life,” added Dr. Daniel. “Whether it’s secondary education, entering the workforce or joining the military, we know SCVCS successful prepares them for their next step.”

Find more about the SCPASS, SC READY Assessment Results and  End-of-Course and Career Readiness Assessments.

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