Spartanburg Community College keeps free tuition rolling through Fall 2024

February 28, 2023
Spartanburg Community College announced the “Live to Chase Initiative,” a re-imagined design to deliver free tuition for all the College’s more than 70 different programs of study through the Fall of 2024.
The initiative will focus on promoting persistence and the willingness to chase by requiring recipients to be enrolled in a program that awards either a certificate or degree and maintain at least a 2.2 GPA. Students will have to either live or work full-time in South Carolina, complete a FAFSA, and take a minimum of six credit hours.
“Over the past two years Spartanburg Community College has redefined the definition of higher education opportunity for thousands of individuals that live to chase their dreams, and this momentum in talent development to meet workforce demands has solidified a strong foundation for future economic growth and prosperity,” SCC President, Dr. Michael Mikota, said.
“During this 60th year in the history of the College, all the communities we serve bask in the shining pride that 6,300 Chasers are showcasing their talents that may not have been realized without this opportunity. With this new ‘Live to Chase Initiative,’ we strive to recognize those students that commit to the chase and realize their full potential,” Dr. Mikota continued.
In May 2021, SCC announced tuition would be free for all programs, including general education, transfer, and workforce development. As a result, the College has seen a 51.5% increase in enrollment and currently has the highest enrollment in its 60 years of operation. Notably, SCC’s non-traditional population (defined as students aged 24 and older) has seen the largest share of growth, with an enrollment increase of over 63% since Fall of 2019.
The new approach is made possible by internal operational improvements to better utilize available resources in a way that provides a significantly larger return on investment to the communities the College serves and the state of South Carolina as a whole.
Free tuition is available for all the 70+ programs of study offered at SCC to anyone who lives or works full-time in South Carolina, has a desire to begin or continue their education, enrolls in a minimum of six credit hours in a program that awards either a certificate or degree, and maintains a 2.20 GPA.
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