Spartanburg Water’s Alex Grubbs receives Fog Leader of the Year Award

May 11, 2022

Alex Grubbs, Spartanburg Water Compliance Specialist, recently received the “FOG Leader of the Year” Award from the Blue Ridge Foot Hills District of the Water Environmental Association of South Carolina (WEASC). Grubbs was recognized for his contribution to the protection of the environment directly related to Fats, Oils and Grease (FOG) contamination. FOG, when mixed with other materials, causes line blockages that may cause overflows in sewer systems.

To be nominated, individuals must be a Blue Ridge Foothills District Member in good standing. They must be contributing to the protection of the environment either through a FOG program, FOG inspections or education of the public on the impending issues related to FOG contamination, according to the WEASC.

Grubbs is solely responsible for the inspection of 600-plus grease traps in the Spartanburg Sanitary Sewer District. In the past year, Alex has led improvements in the systems with his attention to detail and his insistence of compliance from those customers. He has driven the effort for food service establishments (FSE) to replace, increase frequency of pumping, and to comply with security and surveillance requirements around the traps. While taking this initiative, Alex understands the impact FOG has on the collection system and presses forward to reduce FOG-related sewer overflows and other collection system issues.

“Spartanburg Water is proud of this recognition for Alex’s professional achievement. It underscores the importance of highly skilled staff in order to provide a level of quality and service that meets and exceeds all requirements,” said Rick Jolley, Spartanburg Water Deputy Chief Operating Officer.


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