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Street resurfacing projects scheduled to begin next week

The neighborhood streets below are scheduled for resurfacing as part of the City’s ongoing pavement management program, which includes street resurfacing, restriping and maintenance treatments. The program is funded through a combination of the City’s Capital Improvement Program (CIP) and the Greenville Legislative Delegation Transportation Committee’s (GLDTC) Municipal Match Resurfacing Program (MMRP).

Street resurfacing projects funded through the CIP are managed by the City and projects funded through the MMRP are managed by GLDTC’s program manager CoTransCo. The projects below are being funded through the MMRP:

  • Watts Avenue, from McKay Street to McDaniel Avenue
  • Bolt Street, from Wilkins Street to Sullivan Street
  • Orange Street, from Rutherford Road to Townes Street Extension
  • Dean Street, from Dunbar Street to Sullivan Street
  • Lacey Avenue, from Dameron Avenue to Aldridge Drive

University Street, from Howe Street to Augusta Street, and Halton Road, from Haywood Road to Rocky Slope Road, are also scheduled to be resurfaced in this round of construction.

Street resurfacing projects usually include a combination of pedestrian ramp retrofits, full-depth patching, milling and asphalt overlays, and take two to three months to complete. King Asphalt, the paving contractor, will begin full-depth patching the week of August 12 to address areas of deterioration.

Patching will take place in one lane at a time and work will be completed during daylight hours. Motorists traveling on and around these streets should use caution and be aware of flagmen in the work zones.

The contractor typically posts signs 24-48 hours before beginning work, as paving schedules may change due to weather and other factors. Residents on the affected streets are asked not to park on or place yard debris in the roadway on the days that work is scheduled for their area.