Sunbelt Business Brokers announces the sales of The Aristocrat

April 7, 2021

Sunbelt Business Brokers announced today the sale of The Aristocrat in Columbia, South Carolina to Edwin Aycock of Elgin, SC. The Aristocrat is a popular bar and restaurant located at 1001 Washington Street in the Vista area of downtown Columbia, SC.

Aycock’s plan for the Aristocrat includes a revamped menu and décor along with a new approach to entertainment. It will feature ‘unsigned’ performing musical artists, ‘backyard bands’ and local comedians, giving them the opportunity and venue that supports their hobbies and dreams. The presence of The Aristocrat will give artists and performers the opportunity to utilize the city of Columbia to stimulate dialogue between the community, the artists and the performers who share the same passion and create a supporting network all while indulging in wine, spirits and traditional foods and sharables.

The transaction was facilitated by Katherine Harris of Sunbelt Business Brokers in Columbia, SC.