Target Analytics Offers New Services to Provide Nonprofits Insights into Donor Behavior

March 1, 2012

Based on giving data for more than 75 Million U.S. Households

CHARLESTON, SC – March 1, 2012 – Blackbaud, Inc. (Nasdaq: BLKB)today announced the availability of Loyalty Insights and LapsedInsights data services, designed to help nonprofits better understandtheir prospective donors based on behavioral segmentation. The servicesare the first of their kind available to the nonprofit market and arethe latest offerings from Target Analytics, a Blackbaud company, whichoffers solutions for donor acquisition, prospect research, donor benchmarking, custom modeling, and data enrichment services to more than 6,000 nonprofits.

With an understanding of the loyalty characteristics of prospectivedonors, nonprofits are able to optimize their direct marketingfundraising strategies around donors with high long term valuepotential, said Richard Becker, president of Target Analytics. Ourunique ability to generate a holistic view of a donor’s historicalgiving allows Target Analytics to provide our clients insight to moreeffectively target high value prospects and significantly improvecampaign return-on-investment. 

Identifying the most engaged donors
Target Analytics has the largest nonprofit cooperativedatabase of giving behavior based on actual transactions from hundredsof participating organizations and billions of donations. The newInsights data services leverage this database to assess anorganization’s prospective donors against all other organizations theysupport, using numerous statistical measures and rankings.

“Our great enthusiasm for Loyalty Insights stems from along-held conviction that loyalty, as the key predictor of donor anddonor base value, is far more important to planning near- and long-termfundraising than even cumulative annual giving value,” said ChristopherDann, president of Drakes Bay Fundraising, who is piloting the servicewith several clients. “This value goes well beyond fundraising toknowledge today’s CEOs, CFOs, and even board members should have.”

Loyalty Insights helps nonprofits understand who theirmost active loyal donors are so they can provide more focused time andattention to maximize fundraising results. A nonprofit’s donorsare assessed against the cooperative database and segmented into one ofseven actionable, behavioral groupings called “Loyalty Insights,”ranging from “Not that Into You” to “Best of the Best” providing theorganization a clear understanding of which donors have the strongestaffinity for its cause. The result is a report that highlights donors’specific level of support to a particular organization compared againstall the others, enabling fundraisers to determine how to develop ongoingengagement strategies.

Target Analytics Loyalty Insights couldn’t come at abetter time – as acquisition efforts stagnate, recognizing, cultivatingand holding on to the donors you already have is more important thanever,” said Susie DeCarlo, senior strategist with Mal WarwickAssociates. “Loyalty Insights gives us a new toolto enhance traditional RFM strategies and identify targeted segments ofdonors ripe for a sustainer invitation, planned giving ask and upgradestrategies.

Lapsed Insights helps nonprofits identify and targetlapsed donors (36-120 months) providing a basis from which to developspecific campaign strategies to reactivate those donors. LikeLoyalty Insights, a nonprofit’s file is assessed against the cooperativedatabase and is segmented into actionable, behavioral groupings basedon their likelihood to reactivate. The resulting groups highlight acombination of current giving behavior to other organizations as well aspast giving to that particular nonprofit, enabling insight intostrategies on how to reengage those donors.

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