Ted O’Neill embarks on 1 million steps to raise $1 million for pancreatic cancer research

September 2, 2020

Did you know that Pancreatic Cancer is the deadliest, but least funded cancer worldwide? It has taken icons like Steve Jobs and Patrick Swayze, and host Alex Trebek is currently battling (and winning) against the disease.

Charleston area entrepreneur Ted O’Neill’s family has also been changed forever by pancreatic cancer. In 2003, he lost his father, Vince O’Neill (a two-time decorated Marine veteran). Ted’s wife Rosemary lost her favorite Aunt to pancreatic cancer shortly thereafter.

A diagnosis with pancreatic cancer shouldn’t be a death sentence, and more funding needs to go toward research. Ted is absolutely determined to make that happen.

He has committed to walking one million steps in September 2020, to raise $1 million for pancreatic cancer. If the $1 million goal isn’t met in September, he will re-set and walk another million steps in October, continuing until the fundraising goal is reached.



https://www.onemil.org/ OneMil.org is a nonprofit focused on raising $1 million to support pancreatic cancer research. OneMil.org was founded by Ted O’Neill, a Charleston-area entrepreneur, and his family.