Tell Stories to Attract Prospects

July 15, 2021

By Jerry Bellune

Celebrity lawyer Howard Weitzman’s dream was to play professional baseball.

Like many kids, he lacked the talent needed. But he had other talents.

A coach recommended he consider law school. He didn’t know much about lawyers but he rose to the top of his law school class and was voted student body president.

As a lawyer, he learned to give the TV media what it wanted – “sound-bites.”

He learned that TV reporters would take 3 words from 10 sentences. “You learn quickly to speak in sound-bites,” he said.

He defended Magic Johnson, Michael Jackson, Paris Hilton, John De Lorean, Sean Penn, Ozzy Osbourne, Justin Bieber and other celebrities in legal trouble.

Another talent was as a brilliant storyteller, whether having dinner with friends or addressing a jury in court.

“He had a crazy memory for detail,” his friend and MediaLink CEO said.

What does this suggest to you? How about telling success stories in your ads?

In testimonials, your customers can talk about what you did for them that would sound like bragging if you said it yourself.

And follow a celebrity lawyer’s example: Turn your headlines into sound-bites.

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