Teri Leigh Teed is Manhattan Arts International’s featured artist member of the week

September 9, 2020

Manhattan Arts International announces artist/author Teri Leigh Teed is the gallery’s featured artist member of the week of September 6, 2020. Owner and founder Renee Phillips states “Teri Leigh Teed creates breathtaking photographs known as “Healing Spirit Art©”. She conveys the life-affirming presence of a power greater than us. Just before the sun sets on the Blue Ridge Mountains in Western North Carolina is her favorite time of day to create photographic memories.”

Teri’s artwork has been exhibited in juried shows and featured in numerous publications, including the article “Great Exercise in Awareness” on Edward Wedman’s Exhibition Without Walls website. Her “Healing Spirit Art©” is part of local pastor L. O. Rabon, Jr.’s book, “Do All To The Glory Of God, A Lenten Journey through First Corinthians”.

Teed is the indie author of “Mystical South Carolina: A Pilgrimage to Joy”, which features her photography on the cover and inside the book. Highlighting her intuitively led personal pilgrimage to twelve sacred sites in her home state, Teed’s debut book is featured in Anita Baker’s article “Local author takes pilgrimage to joy” in the Columbia Star. Ms. Phillips interviewed Teed about her art and her book for her Healing Power of ART & ARTISTS website. Teed’s book is also listed in the SCIway.net online book store and is available at the Richland County Public Library. An audiobook is being created by the South Carolina State Library and will be available by the end of this year.

To view more, please visit https://manhattanarts.com/teri-leigh-teed.


About Teri Leigh Teed

A native of Columbia, South Carolina, Teed is a multi-dimensional, award winning artist based in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Western North Carolina near Sylva. She is a member of the North Carolina Artist Council and her photography is featured in numerous publications including the Editor’s Picks on BlueRidgeParkwayDaily.com. Along with her visual artwork, Teed is a writer and a member of NC Writers Network. Her stories and poetry are featured in numerous publications, including DailyGood.org, a portal dedicated to sharing inspiring and positive news from around the world.

“Healing Spirit Art©”, the name of Teed’s artwork, blends fine art nature and landscape photography, stories, poetry, and songs with positive, inspirational and life-affirming thoughts and energies. Her logo features concentric, circular rings, an homage to the ancient, healing influence of the “Congaree Rings” highlighted in her book “Mystical South Carolina: A Pilgrimage to Joy”. To join the community of love, peace and goodwill and share #HealingSpiritArt with the world, please visit https://terileighteed.com