The #1 secret of sale success

June 17, 2021

By Jerry Bellune


Our friend John Carlton has noticed something disturbing about people lately.

What is it? Nobody asks good questions when they meet new people.

Most folks don’t ask any questions at all.

This is OK for civilians. It’s not for entrepreneurs, business owners, and salespeople who want to gobble up market share and obliterate their competition, John says.

The #1 secret to persuading prospects to buy is to know who you’re talking with.

What are their worst fears?

Their most ardent desires?

What’s important to them?

What keeps them up at night?

What do they dream about doing one day?

You can’t find that out by guessing.

The best old-school salespeople insist that anyone they tutor read a book they called the “Salesman’s Bible” for a good reason: It revealed the secrets of persuasion.

What’s the book? Here’s a hint:

A super salesman named Dale Carnegie wrote it.

It’s How to Win Friends ad Influence People.

Maybe you’ve already read it. It may be time to read it again.

Here’s another book you should read. It’s Uncover Your Inner Sales Genius.

It’s filled with business and sales tips like this. It will take you on a 30-day journey to incredible success. For your free copy, email [email protected]
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