The City of Laurens Awarded Ninety Trees Through ‘Palmetto Pride’ Grant 

November 19, 2023

The City of Laurens has received a generous grant of 90 trees from Palmetto Pride, a non-profit organization which works with public agencies and volunteers across South Carolina to fight litter and beautify the state. The grant includes 50 crape myrtles, 20 dogwood trees, and 20 red maple trees. The grant application process focused on identifying recipients with a commitment to creating a greener and more vibrant environment. 

The City of Laurens’ successful grant application for the Palmetto Pride grant emphasized the importance of greenspace of the city’s tree canopy and the positive impact it can have, both aesthetically and environmentally. This initiative is aligned with City leaders’ ongoing efforts to improve neighborhoods throughout the city. 

Mayor Senn expressed the city’s gratitude for being selected as a grant recipient. “This grant is a significant step toward our vision of making all of Laurens greener and more inviting. We want to improve every part of our city, and we appreciate Palmetto Pride’s support in helping us achieve this goal. These ninety trees will not only enhance our environment but also play a crucial role in our efforts to create a more sustainable and welcoming community.” 

While the precise locations for planting these trees are still being fine-tuned, several city-owned properties have been identified as prime candidates for this initiative. These include East Main Street (US Hwy 76 East), Ceramtec Park (situated near the city’s northern boundary along Church Street, SC Hwy 14), Little River Park, as well as the property surrounding the Streets and Sanitation Department/Recycling Center on Caroline Street and the Municipal Center on West Laurens Street, both of which are presently undergoing renovations. 

By announcing this grant, the City of Laurens is keen to share the benefits that the addition of trees brings to our community. Trees function as natural air purifiers, enhancing air quality by absorbing carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen, thus improving our overall air quality. They establish ecosystems that support a diverse range of wildlife, preserving local biodiversity and ecological vitality. Trees also play a pivotal role in managing stormwater, absorbing excess rainwater through their roots, mitigating the risks of flooding and erosion. Additionally, when thoughtfully situated, trees can also yield economic benefits by enhancing the visual appeal of our city. Beautiful cities attract new residents and tourists, contributing to the growth of local businesses. 

Through this grant, the City of Laurens proudly reaffirms its commitment to fulfilling its obligation as a steward of our city’s environment, with a dedicated focus on its preservation and beautification for the benefit of future generations.