The Jasper’s show-stopping light display reignites a cherished holiday tradition

December 17, 2020

This year, The Beach Company is carrying on the legacy of the old Sergeant Jasper’s iconic rooftop star, which was brightly lit as a tradition that marked the beginning of the holiday season. A new holiday light display has been created to celebrate the season for the next generation. The lighting of the 20-by-20-foot star took place on Dec. 11 on the ground-level plaza between The Jasper’s office and residential buildings along Broad Street. The new glittering star complements the Charleston Parks Conservancy’s Christmas tree at Colonial Lake and rekindles fond memories and traditions for neighbors who recall the old Sergeant Jasper’s familiar holiday beacon.

The Beach Co. invites Christmas-light enthusiasts to visit the star and embrace the holiday magic and festive sights on Broad Street at The Jasper.