The no’s of life

May 25, 2022

By Jeff Becraft


As I mentioned a couple of weeks ago, I had gotten in from speaking at a camp the day before, was hoping to spend Monday morning recovering some, and then found out I had a meeting at the office I needed to be at.

So I jump in my car, head down I-20, not having had the first shower.  (And I had not showered all weekend at the camp – we had jumped in the pool for a polar plunge on Saturday afternoon and I figured that was good enough.)  Needless to say, I was a scurvy looking dude.

Then, at a stoplight on Broad River Road, my car dies.  Totally dies.  I can’t even turn the flashers on.  I jump out of my car and try to wave cars around me.  I then go to the car behind me and ask the guy if he can help me push my car out of the way.

Now in very good conditions, I can’t see or hear.  And with four lanes of traffic going around me and a window that was only partially down, I couldn’t pick up everything he said but it was something along the lines of, “No… I’ve got people behind me and I need to go.”

There was a tow truck stopped on the right side of the intersection waiting to turn and as I headed back to my car, that guy (I think his name was John) meets me at my car.  He starts poking around, somehow gets the car to start for a few seconds, connects something to my battery, and tells me he thinks it’s the alternator.

Then a police car shows up.  Then another police car… and they take care of the traffic for me.  John and the deputy pushed my car out of the intersection and into an abandoned lot.

I thanked John (the deputy was already back at his duties) and told him how much I appreciated his help.  There I was, stuck in the middle of an intersection with 4 lanes of traffic going around me and other vehicles wanting to make turns through the intersection, and John had voluntarily jumped out of his truck and come out in the fray to help me… and actually knew something about cars.

As I was sharing this story with a friend, he commented, “It’s a good thing the first guy said no.”

It is never enjoyable or exciting to receive a no in life.  In fact, it can be very deflating.

But be on the alert… for every no, there could be a greater yes coming around the corner.

P.S.  The latest news I have on Joe (of last week’s email) came from his wife Janis yesterday afternoon: “He is in consciousness, talking some, following commands such as squeeze my hands, wiggle your toes, really good progress!  Thanks forever for all the prayers!”


Jeff Becraft is the Director Emeritus for Youth Corps and has dedicated much of his life to helping shift the vision of people’s lives. Youth Corps is a life-changing leadership development experience that inspires high school students to be leaders in the Midlands and beyond. You can connect with Jeff at [email protected].