The Pasture Restaurant in Clinton Now Open for Sunday Lunch

September 27, 2023

In response to an overwhelming number of requests and the desire to accommodate their valued guests, The Pasture Restaurant in Clinton has exciting news to share. Starting this Sunday, they are extending operating hours to include lunch on Sundays (10:30 am – 4:00 pm).

“Ever since we opened our doors in January, we have received numerous requests from our guests to open on Sundays. We listened attentively and understood the significance of providing a dining option on this special day,” said Marcus Cheeks. “However, we also wanted to ensure that this decision was considerate of our staff and their commitments, particularly their church time. After careful consideration of our team’s schedules and preferences, we feel we have developed a plan that strikes a balance and allows them to enjoy both work and worship.’

“At The Pasture, we believe in nurturing a sense of community and family values,” said Fran Cheeks. “Marcus and I, as members of this vibrant community, understand the importance of Sunday church gatherings and the cherished tradition of enjoying a meal together afterward. It was imperative for us to honor this tradition and respect the time our staff holds dear.”

The menu for Sunday lunch will change weekly and the options will include a meat and two sides and tea or lemonade for $13 per plate.

The team at The Pasture is looking forward to welcoming families and friends to dine with them on Sundays. This new offering aligns with a commitment to provide exceptional dining experiences and to be an integral part of the community.