The results of being an extra miler

Jerry Bellune

By Jerry Bellune


You don’t have to be a sports fan to appreciate this story and the important business lesson you will discover in it.

Joe Burrow transferred from Ohio State to Louisiana State University because he couldn’t win the starting quarterback role.

At LSU, as an over-achiever who expects a lot of himself, he blossomed.

Last summer, he talked his teammates into practising twice a day on Saturdays.

Summers in Baton Rouge are hot and humid. Practicing football 5 days a week makes great physical and mental demands on even highly-conditioned athletes.

The coaches didn’t ask them to do this. Joe did. He persuaded them to join him.

His teammates rolled out of bed at 5 am and showed up for rugged drills by 6. They returned in the evening for another practice that separated the men from the boys.

LSU players honed their skills, working with each other under trying conditions.

The team went from a running game to a highly-effective passing game. Joe’s team beat 7 top 10 teams en route to beating Clemson in the national title game.

Success takes sacrifice. Are you willing to get up at 5 am when needed? Are you an extra miler willing to pay the price?


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