The secret is in your smile

June 6, 2021

By Jerry Bellune


Greg Wych named his successful dental practice “The Art of Dentistry.”

You may not think of dentistry as an art.

Isn’t it about straightening, drilling and pulling teeth? No. Greg concentrates on making your smile a work of art.

He ran an ad campaign with us that featured a patient who was afraid to smile.

Her crooked teeth were unsightly. She did not want them to be seen, even by her grandchildren who she adored.

Her husband finally convinced her to see Greg. He examined her teeth. They were a mess but he had a solution.

Since she was so fearful of what he would do to her, he suggested she have it done under sedation. She agreed.

Greg sedated her and went to work. In several sessions, he gave her a new smile.

Now she smiles all the time and enjoys life and her adorable grandchildren.

Those ads resulted in a great return on investment for Greg.

Many people go through life without a smile. In business, we can’t afford that.

A smile will attract prospects and convert them into customers, clients and patients.

A smile will close sales. Smiles will make your bottom line – and you – happy.

If you have bad teeth, see a dentist.

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