The Stoplight Project aims to help people express social distance comfort levels

October 11, 2020

NDB Association & Event Management recently announced the creation of The Stoplight Project, a campaign to bring awareness to the varying degrees of social distancing comfort levels in local communities.

The Stoplight Project offers various products including silicone bracelets, buttons and lanyards emblazoned with three comfort level messages: “Hugs and High Fives are Welcome”, “Fist Bumps and Elbow Bumps are Okay”, and “ Keeping My Distance”. The messages are printed on green, yellow and red products using the stoplight methodology of “Green means go, Yellow means proceed slowly, and Red means Stop.”

The wearable message products are a fun and affordable solution for promoting social distancing awareness in churches, schools, workplaces, social gatherings, weddings, conferences and other events. The Stoplight Project offers single purchase options or bulk ordering on the website,


NDB Association & Event Management

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The Stoplight Project is a venture of NDB Association & Event Management. For more information please contact via email at [email protected] or via phone at 803.238.7438.