The Voters have Spoken – Here are the results of the Municipal Elections

March 8, 2023

Voter turnout for the municipal elections on Tuesday was 23.39 percent. When the polls closed, at 7 pm and the ballots were counted, 2,189 of the 9,400 registered voters cast their ballot in the election.

The mayoral races in Clinton and Laurens both had three candidates. In Clinton, Randy Randall was elected to serve as the next mayor. In Laurens, no candidate received a majority so there will be a runoff election between the top two candidates, incumbent Nathan Senn and Randy Garrett

Below are the election results for all seats.


Randy Randall achieved a solid victory in the three-way race for Mayor. Anita Williams will represent District 2 on Clinton City Council having received 57.89 % of the votes in a four-way race, Gary Kuykendall won re-election for City Council District 4, and Megan Walsh won re-election for City Council District 6 by 3 votes.


The race for Mayor will go to a runoff election between Mayor Nathan Senn and Randy Garrett. The runoff election will take place on March 21 with early voting open March 13-17. Cassandra Campbell ran unopposed for her seat on Laurens City Council District 3, as did Martin Lowry for Laurens City Council District 5, and Johnnie Bolt won re-election for Laurens City Council District 6.

Laurens Commissioner of Public Works


Town of Gray Court

Town of Waterloo – Town Council (Vote for 2)