This Weeks Healthy SC Challenge Tips

October 22, 2007

COLUMBIA, S.C. – October 19, 2007 – The Healthy SC Challenge is the Sanford family’s effort to get all South Carolinians to do just a little more to live a healthier lifestyle. The tips are designed to encourage individuals and communities to live healthier lifestyles in three categories – nutrition, exercise and help to quit smoking. The tips can also be found on the challenges website, .

Healthy Tips

There are times when most of us are going to eat fast food because it’s quick and easy. That’s why, when you DO eat fast food, it’s so important to make the best choices you can. Here are some tips you can use when your kids order.  These small changes will help cut down on calories, fat, salt and

* Go light on the sauce: There are lots of hidden calories in mayo, sour cream, salad dressing and other sauces. Go easy or nix them all together.

* Choose the chicken: When in doubt, order a grilled, baked or broiled chicken-not fried or breaded.

* Veg out on the sandwich: Ask for tomato, lettuce, onion, or other veggies on your sandwich.

* Swap out the fries and onion rings: Order a side salad or baked potato.
Large fries can be at least 500 calories a serving!

* Pass on the soda: Opt for water, juice, or fat-free and low-fat milk instead of high-fat shakes and sugary soda.

* Opt for regular sizes: It may seem like a good value but there are lots of extra calories and fats in those extra-large. Go for the regular size.

* Go for whole-wheat: Whole wheat buns should have more fiber than regular white bread. Some restaurants offer wheat buns as an alternative-all you have to do is ask.

* Thin crust it: Go for a thin-crust pizza with veggies instead of a thick-crust with meats and extra cheese.

* Treat yourself: Go for low-fat frozen yogurt, fruit popsicles, sorbets, and sherbets rather than ice cream or cookies. Sprinkles are also better than caramel or chocolate sauces.

* Skip the sides: Eating a burger or sandwich by itself is often filling enough. If you do want a side, consider ordering a fruit cup or side salad.
Most fast food restaurants now offer them.

* Avoid double meat and bacon: A serving size of meat is 2-3 ounces – about the size of a deck of cards. You’re probably getting well over that with a single meat patty. Bacon is also high in calories and fat.
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Physical Activity
Adults need recess too! With a little creativity and planning, even the person with the busiest schedule can make room for physical activity. For many folks, before or after work or meals is often an available time to cycle, walk, or play. Think about your weekly or daily schedule and look for or make opportunities to be more active. Consider taking the stairs, parking farther, making Saturday morning walks a group habit, and walk while doing errands. Every little bit helps. Don’t forget to reward and acknowledge your efforts!
-The Center for Disease Control and Prevention,

Call 1-800-QUIT NOW for free support with a trained counselor, who will talk to you whether you are ready to quit or just thinking about it. This number will forward to your State’s tobacco cessation program, which offers live phone support in your area. When you call, a friendly staff person will offer a choice of free services, including self-help materials, a referral list of other programs in your community, and one-one-counseling over the phone.
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The Healthy SC Challenge is an outcome-based, cooperative effort aimed at encouraging individuals, communities and organizations across the state to show shared responsibility in developing innovative ways to improve the health of South Carolina’s citizens. For more information about the Healthy SC Challenge, please visit , or call 803-737-4772.