Thornwell Holds Child Abuse Prevention Awareness Breakfast

April 11, 2022

April is Child Abuse Awareness and Prevention Month.

Thornwell is partnering with the Children’s Trust of South Carolina to raise awareness about this issue. South Carolina ranks 41 in the country in child well-being and that needs to change.  Thornwell is committed to changing this and equipping our state to protect its children.

Last week Thornwell hosted their first Child Abuse Prevention Awareness Breakfast. “We know that first step in the prevention of child abuse is a community working together as advocates. It truly does take a village. So, we were heartened to see Laurens County’s leaders across the room choosing to help us in lighting the way for powerful life change,” said Reverend Myron Wilkins.

The event which was well attended was sponsored by the Children’s Trust of South Carolina. The City of Clinton also supported the event with a proclamation declaring April as “Child Abuse Prevention Month” in Clinton.

To learn more about child abuse prevention click HERE.

Click on the images below to view pictures from the Child Abuse Prevention Awareness Breakfast.