Thornwell’s Power-Packed Summer Day Camp

May 23, 2022

School is almost out for the summer, but the learning doesn’t have to stop. The best learning is experiential learning and that is what kids will have at Thornwell’s summer day camp.

At Momentum, children grow academically during the summer months, have fun, and enjoy all that it means to create sweet summer memories!  Momentum is open to kids ages 5 to 12 and located on the Thornwell campus in Clinton, South Carolina.

Camp participants are evaluated at the start of the summer in reading and math, and the professional staff at Thornwell creates a personalized plan for growth that is implemented during the camp.

Whether a child is struggling, meeting standards, or excelling academically, Thornwell’s Momentum camp will provide the environment and support they need to start their next school year stronger than ever and avoid the learning regression that often occurs during the summer months.

In addition to structured academic programming in Reading and Math, Momentum kids will have fun! The program is packed with opportunities to be active including gym time, swimming, recreation and ballfields, and numerous other activities.

To learn more or to start the process of registering your child click HERE.