Training Young Drivers to Keep our Roads Safe for Everyone

September 14, 2020

Greenlight Driving Academy has been training young drivers in the basics of drivers’ education and the safety of the road for over thirteen years.  The locally owned business was started by Jay and Janice Long with a goal of providing a thorough training program focusing on driving basics and an emphasis on driver safety.

“We are so proud of the students we have trained through the years,” said Co-owner Jay Long.  “We’ve helped thousands of young people learn the rules of the road and the sheer responsibility they take as a driver on the road.”

By law you have to take a drivers’ education class unless you are over the age of 17. Even if you are over the age of 17 there are benefits to taking the course as most insurance companies offer some level of discount for successful completion of the course.

“Our goal has always been more focused on teaching our students to become focused, defense drivers. Our desire is not to mass produce new drivers but to change drivers habits one student at a time,” said Long. “We take pride in the fact that so many parents have trusted us with their driver training needs.”

The next class is scheduled for September 26 and another one will be set up for November. Classes are held to 12-15 students to ensure a level of personalized attention given the importance of the training.

In addition to the driver training classes, Greenlight Academy also can conduct the SCDMV road test. To schedule a road test or to sign up for the driver training by calling 863-833-7781.