UniTech Announces New Jobs

January 9, 2009

Expansion Will Create 50 Jobs at Barnwell Facility 

COLUMBIA, SC – January 9, 2009 – UniTech Services Group (UniTech) has announced an expansion of their operations in Barnwell, South Carolina, creating 50 additional jobs.  The nuclear services subsidiary of UniFirst Corporation, UniTech, the world’s largest provider of radiological laundry and protective wear programs, currently employs more than 100 workers at the Barnwell facility located at the S.C. Advanced Technology Park. 

“We are pleased to announce that we are able to create new jobs in the Barnwell community by streamlining our operations nationally and consolidating services.  UniTech has achieved success with our Barnwell area workforce, and we look forward to expanding operations there to position our company for growth,” said Paul Manley, national director of operations for UniTech. 

“UniTech has been an industry leader with extensive experience in nuclear protective wear laundering.  The company’s decision to expand its business in South Carolina is a strong testament that the state’s business-friendly climate and skilled workforce are again working to grow existing businesses and encourage new job creation.  This announcement is also another positive reflection of the SouthernCarolina Alliance and strength of the local economic development community.  The SouthernCarolina Alliance has been innovative and forward-thinking and their leadership is paying dividends to the region with a great record of attracting new jobs and investments,” said Joe Taylor, secretary of Commerce. 

Founded in Springfield, Massachusetts in 1957, UniTech has grown to more than 500 employees in 11 licensed facilities throughout the United States, Canada and Europe.  UniTech was the first commercial nuclear decontamination laundry company licensed in the United States and currently provides protective wear services nationwide for approximately 80 percent of all operating U.S. commercial power reactors and Department of Energy nuclear facilities, as well as a number of fuel fabrication plants and private facilities.  

“UniTech is an international company on the cutting edge of technology in their field,” said Lowell Jowers of Barnwell County Council.  “We are proud of their success here in Barnwell, and we will continue to support their growth.” 

“In a small community like ours, the addition of fifty jobs has a huge impact,” added Tim Moore, mayor of Snelling.  “UniTech has been an excellent corporate neighbor, and every job created in our area translates into another family provided for.” 

According to Danny Black, president of SouthernCarolina Regional Development Alliance, “By increasing the workforce at the Barnwell facility by fifty percent, UniTech is not only creating jobs, they are also making a statement about their commitment to our community and the productivity of our workforce.” 

“UniTech’s expansion is a tremendous shot in the arm for Barnwell County and the Region in a challenging economy,” said Marty Martin, executive director of the Barnwell County Economic Development Commission.  “Existing industry has always played a significant role in new job creation and this is another example of the importance of UniTech, and other existing Barnwell County industries to our local and regional economy.” 


For more information visit www.unitech.ws