Upstate Warrior Solution bridges critical gap in support for veterans through Justice-Involved Veteran Outreach program

February 24, 2022

In cooperation with the VA’s Veterans Justice Outreach Program, Upstate Warrior Solution (UWS) presents its comprehensive Justice-Involved Veteran Outreach (JIVO) program. Through the JIVO program, UWS partners with law enforcement agencies, detention centers, court systems and community organizations across the Upstate to provide holistic services for incarcerated veterans, identify at-risk veterans, and help veterans with military-related charges get back on track.

For veterans, transitioning back into civilian life is a complicated process. The psychological burdens of war combined with the pressure of adapting to civilian life can result in emotional distress. This can result in substantial life disruptions, including incarceration. There are few existing mechanisms for identifying at-risk veterans, making early intervention difficult. The majority of incarcerated veterans also do not meet the requirements for Veteran Treatment Court, leaving these individuals without coordinated care or case management. UWS’ JIVO program bridges these critical gaps through government and community collaboration.

The JIVO program serves the veteran population and the Upstate community by emphasizing a proactive approach and taking action on the following goals: beginning case management earlier, before an arrest even occurs; and increasing socio-economic stability for veterans and their families by connecting them to VA and community resources.

UWS’ new JIVO Advocate hire, Zachary Goff, remarks, “Formerly a justice-involved veteran myself, I’ve transformed my own life with the help of programs geared towards helping veterans dealing with these types of issues. Upstate Warrior Solution has given me a platform and a voice to be the change I wish to see in how we better serve our community by helping justice-involved veterans reclaim their pride once held while in uniform.” UWS’ recent hiring of Goff is a major step forward for the program, providing a full-time member of staff dedicated to conducting outreach and case coordination for Justice-Involved veterans.

Today, UWS is in every detention center in the five Upstate counties working with law enforcement, criminal courts, Veteran Treatment Courts, and probation, parole, and pardon services in Greenville, Pickens, and Spartanburg Counties. UWS continues to develop its proactive approach through early identification, resource referral, and case coordination.


About Upstate Warrior Solution

Upstate Warrior Solution is a community-based, nonprofit organization serving warriors and their families in the Upstate of South Carolina. Their mission is to connect warriors and their family members to resources and opportunities, lead them through the process of self-empowerment, and inspire the community to embrace local warriors and their family members as valued neighbors and friends. Since their inception in 2013, Upstate Warrior Solution has helped over 8,300 unique warriors and their families, working with them and community partners to assist with housing, employment, healthcare, education, and family support services. Although they have already made an impact on thousands of warriors, they hope to connect with each one of the 100,000 veterans living in the Upstate. To learn more about Upstate Warrior’s mission, click here to view their website.