USACE pilot project to begin around Folly Beach

April 29, 2021

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Charleston District will soon begin a pilot project along the northeast end of Folly Beach. This new approach will take sand from the Folly River Federal Navigation Project (Entrance Channel) and use it to construct a berm or sand bar not far offshore that has the potential to help with erosion by having the sand migrate onto the beach.

If successful, this could be a potential interim solution for future renourishment. This beneficial use project will place 60,000 cubic yards or 6,000 dump trucks of sand near the shore. Placement began Monday, April 26 and will last through the end of May.

This project will be completed using a dredge owned by the Wilmington District, Dredge Murden. The entire project will be completed by in-house by USACE personnel.

“The Charleston District is excited to begin this pilot project and is hopeful it will provide a winning solution to erosion in between full renourishment periods, said Lt. Col. Rachel Honderd. “Protecting the infrastructure behind the dunes on this beach is of vital importance.”

Results of the pilot project will be available after monitoring and analysis post construction.

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