Vantage Point Foundation recognized with the 2020 Boeing Veterans Leadership Award

December 22, 2020

Charleston-based nonprofit organization Vantage Point Foundation announced this week that it has been awarded the 2020 Boeing Veterans Leadership Award by the South Carolina Chamber of Commerce. The award is presented to an organization that exemplifies exceptional commitment to local South Carolina veterans and their families.

Vantage Point Foundation was selected from a competitive pool of nonprofit organizations dedicated to assisting South Carolina’s veterans and their families. Through Vantage Point Foundation’s expansive services and programming, veterans are provided with training and support vital for them to become successful and productive in their transition from service members to civilians.

“We are both humbled and honored to have our program and the veterans we serve recognized by the South Carolina Chamber of Commerce and Boeing South Carolina,” said Vantage Point Foundation’s Executive Director, Mark Holyfield. “Boeing South Carolina has been fundamental in enabling us to do this work across the state, and as a result has significantly and positively impacted the lives of many SC Veterans and their families.

In addition to the many resources and services VPF provides, one key aspect that makes it stand out is its one-on-one programming. This includes the Senior Mentor Program, which matches post-9/11 veteran participants with trained veteran volunteers. The volunteers, or Senior Mentors, provide support and coaching to transitioning veterans during the multi-day Leadership Development Course, and throughout the yearlong support continuum.

“VPF has placed me under the wing of the most successful veterans I have ever met,” said Matt M., a U.S. Marine Corps veteran who was wounded by a sniper in Afghanistan. “The people and resources in this program have made a seemingly impossible future possible for me.”

Vantage Point Foundation is continuously seeking out qualified Senior Mentor volunteers to further expand its programming. Senior Mentors are veterans who have successfully served and transitioned out of any branch of the United States Military.

To make a donation or get more information about Vantage Point Foundation and how to become a Senior Mentor, visit, or contact Mark Holyfield at [email protected]. For more information about the 2020 Boeing Leadership Award, visit


About Vantage Point Foundation

The Vantage Point Foundation (VPF) is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to guide and support post 9/11 military veterans and families on a new path towards healing and civilian success. VPF supports veterans throughout the greater South Carolina region who are seeking to move through the challenges of reintegrating back into civilian life. VPF is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit and can receive tax-deductible donations.

VPF is distinct from other organizations in its systematic approach to training veterans for civilian life. VPF understands that for veterans to fully reintegrate into their communities, three things are necessary; Community, Healing, and Purpose. VPF facilitates these by conducting multi-day courses in which mentors (veterans from previous generations and peers), course facilitators, and medical/mental health professionals enable the participants to identify and work through issues impeding their reintegration into civilian life. Here they learn the tools for Post Traumatic Growth. All participants leave the course with career, educational, and personal goals, along with a support network of mentors, fellow veterans, and professionals.

Course graduates are provided with one year of continued training and holistic support in which the staff and mentors walk with each veteran and their family as they pursue their goals along educational, employment, and volunteer tracks. VPF’s intent is for all veterans in the program to become independent, thriving leaders in their work and communities.