Verizon battles robocalls with new tech

Verizon hopes to stop robocalls by opening access to new technology for its subscribers.

The tech, called STIR/SHAKEN, is a caller ID technology you don’t have to install. It is intended to identify when numbers are being spoofed. Robocalls usually spoof numbers to make targets believe the call is legitimate. Usually, they make it look like the call is from a local number. The new, free tech began deployment at the end of last week. Verizon will gradually deploy STIR/SHAKEN on its interconnections with all major carriers.

Verizon also released a free version of its Call Filter product. When the app is installed, customers will get alerts when a call is likely spam. Customers will also be able to report unsolicited numbers. The best part? Customers can also change their settings to automatically block known robocall numbers.

Verizon customers with iPhones need to download Verizon Call Filter from the app store. Then they can begin utilizing the new functions.

Verizon claims most Android phones it sells have Call Filter pre-installed, just turn it on. Check to see if your

Verizon device is supported by visiting https://www.verizonwireless.com/solutions-and-services/call-filter/ .

Ronan Dunne, president of Verizon’s consumer unit, says they’re confident these measures “will put a big dent in the (robocall) problem.”

Dunne went on to say “…we’re putting malicious robocalling operations on notice. We’re not going to tolerate their activities and we’re aggressively taking steps to stop them.”

This is certainly good news for all of us who are sick and tired of rushing to the phone for robots.