Waccamaw Community Foundation grant allows for purchase of vital hurricane preparedness items

June 1, 2022

The Waccamaw Community Foundation, the Waccamaw region’s leading philanthropic organization, has granted funds for blue disaster relief tarps and microporous breathable suits to Habitat for Humanity in Horry and Georgetown counties in conjunction with the leadership of the VOAD (Volunteer Organizations Active in Disasters) and COAD (Community Organizations Active in Disasters). This grant will help ensure the region is prepared for any eventuality with the 2022 Atlantic hurricane season rapidly approaching.

With supply chain issues disrupting various facets of the American economy, the VOADs and COADs wanted to secure items that will be vital in helping save lives and personal property in the unfortunate event a significant storm impacts the Waccamaw region.

“We obviously hope the tarps and suits sit in storage unused, but it’s vital that we prepare for any possible storm far in advance and have the ability to respond to any disaster immediately,” said Mike Mancuso, the Waccamaw Community Foundation’s executive director. “Our mission at the Waccamaw Community Foundation is to help improve lives in the Waccamaw region and this is a grant that will do just that, even in difficult circumstances.”

The tarps and suits were purchased with a $10,000 grant from the Disaster Relief Fund held at the Waccamaw Community Foundation.

The grant allowed for the purchase of 40 pallets of 2,000-square-foot rolled, reinforced plastic tarps that will be used to cover roofs of homes that are compromised by wind and rain, helping limit damage and securing the structural integrity of impacted homes.

The 600 plastic suits are called “Muck-out Suits,” and they will be worn by emergency responders cleaning up storm damage, mud and other potentially hazardous materials.

All materials will be stored at the Habitat for Humanity facilities in Horry and Georgetown counties for relief efforts.

The Foundation encourages donations to the Disaster Relief Fund at www.WaccamawCF.org so the Foundation can assist relief organizations to respond quickly when disasters happen.

For more information on the Waccamaw Community Foundation, visit WaccamawCF.org.


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