West Ashley Greenway improvements underway, expect closures

September 6, 2017

The city of Charleston has begun the next phase of improvements to the West Ashley Greenway between Croghan Landing Drive and Parkdale Drive.

This phase of the improvements will be completed over the next three months, and includes paving the two and a quarter mile segment of the existing trail, repairing the culvert and causeway at Long Branch Creek and creating a small parking area at the west end for park users.

The paved trail will provide universal accessibility and make the path an all-weather facility. In addition, the intersections at Parkdale Drive, Mutual Drive and Croghan Landing Drive will receive safety and aesthetic upgrades.

During construction, portions of the trail will be closed to public access.

“The closures are necessary for everyone’s safety, so we are asking that individuals stay off of the closed trail,” said Jason Kronsberg, City of Charleston director of Parks. “We will open sections of the Greenway back up as the work is completed.”

The next phase of West Ashley Greenway improvements for the 1.1-mile segment between Parkdale Drive and Stinson Drive is currently in permitting, and the project will be advertised for bids as soon as that process is completed. Construction on that phase will take several months, and should be complete by early 2018. This project will include a bridge replacement at Long Creek, and will provide the same path and intersection improvements as the current project.