West Columbia Police Department modifies operations to continue to provide services during the COVID-19 pandemic

As the response to COVID-19 evolves, The West Columbia Police Department is committed to protecting the community against the spread of the illness.

The West Columbia Police Department is following public health recommendations to limit close contact with others. The guidelines from the Governor will adjust our response to certain calls for service in the City of West Columbia.

Responses with standard procedure:

  • Emergency calls for service involving crimes in progress
  • Incidents threatening someone’s well-being or life
  • In-person traffic accidents

COVID-19 Adjusted Responses:

  • Non-emergency calls for service related to incidents that have already occurred will be handled by a telephone call from an officer instead of an in-person meeting (Follow-up and next steps when investigating cases generated during these telephone calls will not change.)

These slight changes reduce the risk of officers and the public spreading germs throughout the City. Working together during these unusual conditions, we can slow the spread of germs and help keep community members and officers safe and healthy. #WCPD #HeadWest #PandemicResponse

The non-emergency phone number for the Police Department is 803-794-0721.