When Mobility Matters Friends and Colleagues Step Up

August 31, 2022

Marcia Butler is a classroom teacher at Young World Day Care in Clinton. She works with the 2-year-olds in the morning and the afterschool kids in the afternoon.  Working with children can be challenging at times but Marcia faces challenges every day as a double amputee.

For mobility, Butler relies on a battery-operated wheelchair. Young World built ramps to allow access from classrooms to the playgrounds so Butler would have full access to the facility and be able to stay with her class.

Earlier this summer Butler’s chair stopped working when she outside and a quick storm came up and the rain caused a short in the motor. Her husband, Allen, worked on it but just couldn’t get it to run.

Realizing that this would be a financial burden for Butler, Gail Cunningham, Director of Young World Day Care and her mom and owner, Emily Campbell, decided to purchase a chair for their employee and friend.

“Marcia had been talking about a new chair recently, so we knew that was the one that we wanted to get for her,” said Cunningham.  “She has helped so many people in our community and treats all children like her own. This was our opportunity to truly help her.”

The new wheelchair is called the Eagle and they ordered it in pink to match her vibrant fun personality!

Pictured: Gail Cunningham, Marcia Butler, and Emily Campbell