Why do your customers buy from you?

October 23, 2020


By Jerry Bellune


Our friend Ruth King says you need to know why your customers do business with you for 4 make-or-break reasons:

1. It defines your business purpose. It’s the reason your customers pay you to take care of their needs, wants and dreams.
2. It sustains your motivation. This is the reason you are in business. Every employee should know why your customers do business with you. If you can’t tell them, they haven’t a clue. Remind them often.
3. Your company operates on profitably taking care of your customers. You don’t need customers who are not profitable.
4. You know your marketing messages should include testimonials from your customers. “Here’s what our customers say about us” or “Here’s why our customers do business with us” should be in all of your marketing messages.

Ask your customers why they do business with you. Ask your employees why they think your customers do business with you. You may be shocked at the answers.

If you don’t like their answers, find out what’s wrong and change it.

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