William Lawyer of Sperry CGA – Griffin Partners in Greer now licensed in New York state

August 2, 2021

William Lawyer, Associate with Sperry Commercial Global Affiliates – Griffin Partners, is excited to share that while Lawyer is licensed in Georgia, he is also licensed in the state of New York. Lawyer holds his New York license with Sperry Commercial Global Affiliates/Bloom Real Estate Group LLC. Scott Bloom is the Bloom Real Estate Group LLC office owner, has been in real estate for over 34 years, and has expertise in real estate debt workouts, construction, multi-family management, and retail and residential development.

Griffin Partners is thankful for the global partnership of Sperry Commercial Global Affiliates that allows us to partner with the Bloom Real Estate Group LLC in New York. This partnership enables all Sperry Commercial Global Affiliates to have a global reach and deliver strategic and targeted solutions to clients around the globe.


About Sperry CGA – Griffin Partners

The Sperry CGA – Griffin Partners team offers its clients a full range of professional Commercial & Investment Real Estate Services by combining our in-depth local knowledge and connections with the broad reach of a network of global affiliates. Our goal is to deliver strategic and targeted solutions to our clients with integrity and professionalism.

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