Williamsburg Recycling to Locate Manufacturing Facility in Williamsburg County

June 20, 2008

Organic Compost and Fertilizer Producer to Create 30 Jobs

COLUMBIA, SC – June 20, 2008 – The South Carolina Department of Commerce and the Williamsburg County Development Board today announced that Williamsburg Recycling will establish operations in Williamsburg County.  Williamsburg Recycling plans to invest approximately $2.5 million and create up to 30 new jobs in the coming years.

Williamsburg Recycling will manufacture specialized organic compost and fertilizer produced from landfill-bound waste.  The company’s end product will be commercially viable, quality plant food and soil enhancer that offers better efficiencies than chemical fertilizers on the market today.  The company will also take part in the development of organic growth enhancements for fiber, food and pharmaceutical products. 

“The developers and investors of Williamsburg Recycling have asked that I take this opportunity to give a special thanks to our S.C. State Department of Commerce, Williamsburg County Development and all our local political leaders who have worked hard for our state and community and continue to dedicate themselves to the economic development of our region,” said J.E. Steele, Jr., Board Member of Williamsburg Recycling.

“Williamsburg Recycling will produce a specialized product that will be beneficial to the Williamsburg County area where agriculture is a vital element of the local economy.   The company’s decision to expand its operations in South Carolina is another sign that the state’s business environment is working to encourage growth and job creation.  Thanks to the efforts of state and local officials, Williamsburg County will benefit from this investment,” said Joe Taylor, Secretary of Commerce.

Williamsburg Recycling will utilize agricultural waste streams paired with landfill waste to create this specialized organic compost. The end product will be utilized in several applications, including, but not limited to, heavy agriculture, commercial, road projects, domestic use and organic farming.

“We are certainly pleased that Williamsburg Recycling has decided to locate in Williamsburg County.  We welcome this company and the jobs that they will create for our citizens,” said Senator Yancey McGill.

“Once again, this news is evident of how the South Carolina Department of Commerce, our delegation and Williamsburg County government continue to work with companies to locate in Williamsburg County.  We welcome Williamsburg Recycling to our community and the new jobs that it will bring,” said State Representative Kenneth Kennedy.

“We are extremely pleased that Williamsburg Recycling has chosen Williamsburg County to locate its new facility.  The creation of these new jobs is much appreciated.  We welcome them to our community,” said Stanley Pasley, Williamsburg County Supervisor and County Council Chairman.

Williamsburg County Councilman Harry Darby added, “This investment of our newest industry, Williamsburg Recycling, is exciting news.  It presents a tremendous opportunity for our citizens.  We welcome them to our industrial community.”