Workery Apparel; Columbia based fashion brand launch

June 27, 2023
SY the Label, a Columbia, SC-based women’s wear, fashion brand with a mission to bring freedom to working women, is thrilled to announce the launch of its highly anticipated fall fashion line and the celebration of their newly expanded Workery Apparel brand. Debuting their latest designs alongside their signature looks during an immersive, experiential launch party at NoMa Warehouse on Tuesday, July 25, Workery Apparel will demonstrate its belief that women have the power to challenge the status quo and be heroes of their own stories.
Featuring an innovative array of active professional wear made to transition from work to play seamlessly, Workery Apparel is poised to become a household name for must-have staples with its latest collection.

The Workery Apparel Fall Collection represents the brand’s commitment to fostering a culture of transparency and partnership with their clientele through open communication and ethical practices from design to manufacturing.

Key Elements of the Workery Apparel Fall Fashion Show:

Ready wear collection crafted to last with a focus on sleek style and attention to detail giving powerful women the ability to control their day.

“As the Designer of Workery Apparel, I couldn’t be more thrilled to embark on this journey of relaunching our brand,” said Founder and Owner, Leslye Young. “The opportunity to redefine our vision, values, and products fills me with great pride. I am eager to share our new inspired-by-women designs, and unwavering commitment to bring freedom, fashion, and self-comfort to the modern workplace. I am delighted to include our incredible community of fearless women in this next chapter of our brand’s evolution. We believe feeling supported at work is both physical and emotional.”

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