You can boost battery life of Pixel 3

September 24, 2019

By Katie Ritchie


Last week I shared ways to extend Note10 battery life. This week features tips to boost Pixel 3 battery life. Many of these tips also apply to earlier Pixel phones. Have a specific phone or tablet you’d like battery tips for? Email me at [email protected] .

Adjust the Ambient display. If you have a Pixel 3a, 3 or 2, it’s what allows you to see notifications and the time when your screen is off. It’s useful for getting information at a glance, but it makes your phone eat up battery.

To turn it off go to Settings > Display > Ambient display. Turn off Always on.

Shorten display sleep time. Do you have the bad habit of sitting your phone down without turning off the screen? Shorten the display sleep time. Go to Settings > Display > Sleep. Choose a time interval that’s shorter than what you have now. I keep mine around 30 seconds for everyday use. When I’m doing a home improvement project and watching DIY videos, I’ll bump it to 5 minutes.

Turn on Adaptive Battery. This feature sees which apps you don’t use often, and limits the amount of battery they can use in the background. Get to Adaptive Battery by opening Settings > Display > Adaptive Battery.

Use Battery Saver in a pinch. If you won’t be able to charge your phone for a while, consider turning on Battery Saver. You can adjust the settings to turn it on manually, have the phone automatically turn it on when you reach a certain percentage or if it anticipates the battery running out before your next charge. Go into Settings > Battery > Battery Saver and choose from the available options.