Your best covid-19 business strategy

July 8, 2020

By Jerry Bellune


I’ll never forget the salesman who ended his presentation by asking for the names of 3 people who might use his products.

I told him he should be ashamed of such tactics. I wouldn’t buy nor refer anyone.

Referrals are always vital, particularly during covid-19. Think about the last time you referred someone to a company whose products you used.

  • Was it an active referral?
  • Were you thanked for the referral?
  • What did you receive for the referral?
  • Did you feel appreciated?
  • Have you provided multiple referrals?

Our friend Ruth King defines active referrals as those you make because you were encouraged to do it – but only after it is clear that you are a loyal customer who sees their offers would benefit your friends.

Ruth says active referrals:

  • Build a loyal customer base at lower acquisition costs.
  • Referrals are open to buying from you and are less price sensitive.
  • Customers who refer show they trust you for taking care of them.

Do business with your customers and make referrals to them. That gives them reason to reciprocate.

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