Zyrist launches new Global web platform for Open Innovation, Commercialization, Co-creation and Crowdsourcing.

November 26, 2008

NEW DELHI, INDIA – November 25, 2008 – Zyrist has today launched their new web platform Zyrist designed to offer professionals and businesses opportunities to collaborate with others around the world in order to create innovative solutions to problems with the added benefit of users being able to commercialize their existing business solutions.

A free service with a range of premium solutions also available, Zyrist is designed primarily to be a platform for the generation, development and successful commercialization of intellectual assets such as ideas, innovations, intellectual property and expertise. The Zyrist platform focuses on intellectual assets enabling users to offer, find and exchange a range of intellectual assets including expertise, technology and patents which will ultimately make the task of solving problems or sourcing answers a lot faster and more efficient.

Open innovation is a proven method of leveraging a wide and scattered talent pool while at the same time overcoming some of the logistical problems faced by professionals and business.

Speaking on the launch of Zyrist, founder and CEO Arjun Anand said “I founded Zyrist with the aim of creating an efficient and cost effective platform for the generation, development and successful commercialization of intellectual assets including ideas, innovation, intellectual property and our expertise. The mission we have set here at Zyrist is to continue the transformation of traditional innovation and commercialization models by leveraging concepts such as social media, social networking and web 2.0.”

Arjun added “Why reinvent the wheel when there are solutions out there, just waiting to be tapped effectively through the right channels.”

What is Zyrist?

Zyrist is a Global Marketplace for Ideas & Innovation. A platform for Open Innovation & Commercialization, designed to:
1) Assist in the generation and development of new ideas and innovation through Open Innovation, Co-Creation and Crowdsourcing.
2) For the successful commercialization of existing ideas, innovation, technology, patents, intellectual property, expertise and know-how.