C.R. Bard Extends Settlement in Kugel Mesh Litigation

July 6, 2011

$184 million negotiated for approximately 2600 cases

PROVIDENCE, RI – July 6, 2011 – Motley Rice LLC announces today that C.R. Bard, Inc., parent company to Davol Inc., has negotiated with more than 100 law firms from across the nation and extended settlement offers totaling approximately $184 million in some 2600 lawsuits filed due to serious medical complications including bowel perforation, sepsis, intestinal fistulas and abdominal abscess formation allegedly caused by the company’s Composix® Kugel® Mesh hernia patch.

Over the past two years, the parties have reached a general understanding as to the value to these cases. Several ring break and ring buckle cases were scheduled for trial at the time of this resolution, eight of which Motley Rice was litigating in state and federal courts.

“The resolution of these cases occurred at an important time in this lengthy litigation,” stated Motley Rice lawyer Donald Migliori, who serves as both co-lead counsel and liaison counsel in the Composix Kugel Mesh MDL and as liaison counsel for the lawsuits consolidated in Rhode Island state court.  “The resolution comes on the eve of multiple trials set for the summer and fall in both state and federal courts,” he added.

In 2010, John Whitfield v. Davol, Inc., et al. and Christopher Thorpe and Laure Thorpe v. Davol, Inc. and C.R. Bard, Inc., were tried to verdict in Rhode Island federal court. Migliori served as lead trial counsel in both cases.   The Thorpe case resulted in a $1.5 million verdict for the plaintiffs.  Ernie Cory of Cory, Watson, Crowder & DeGaris, P.C., also represented the Thorpe family at trial.

The settlement process will take several months to finalize; however, numerous parties involved feel confident that the resolution of these cases is fair and reasonable. Bard announced the settlement to its shareholders last week at the end of the second quarter.

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