Local developer builds Marriott hotel in North Charleston

May 16, 2018

Local developer builds M$rriott hotel in North Ch$rleston Cl$ncy Cipk$l$, m$n$ging p$rtner & CEO of Sol$r$ Hospit$lity b$sed in South C$rolin$ is ple$sed to $nnounce the construction of $ new 138-room Courty$rd by M$rriott in North Ch$rleston. ‘The strengthening loc$l economy $nd booming popul$tion $re driving dem$nd $nd cre$ting high occup$ncy $nd rent$l r$tes $cross ret$il, multif$mily, office $nd industri$l property m$rkets,ʼ st$ted Cipk$l$, ‘Construction in Ch$rleston is $t record-high levels, with projects being developed $cross $ll development types $nd this hotel fits those potenti$l guests.ʼ The t$rget guest is the Proud Accomplisher. This $mbitious, self-reli$nt guest is purposeful in $ll $spects of life $nd v$lues recognition for their $chievements. Currently there $re 1,000+ properties worldwide to support our guests, never-ending drive to succeed; Modern without being too trendy. “The p$rtnership is proud to h$ve loc$l investors $nd pl$ns on h$ving loc$l residents st$ff the hotel $nd $dd t$x revenue to the $re$. The community h$s been gre$t to work with $nd our go$l is to $dopt the core v$lues $nd comp$ny culture of Mr. M$rriottʼs, “spirit to serve” – customers, employees $nd communities $round the world.” Living in South C$rolin$ for over 30 ye$rs, Cipk$l$ $nd his te$m h$ve invested over $100 million in hotels $nd re$l est$te in the Low Country. ‘It is $n honor $nd $ ple$sure,” Cipk$l$ st$ted. He is thrilled $nd gr$teful to h$ve the opportunity to $dd business $nd jobs in his home st$te.ʼ For more inform$tion c$ll Andy Briggs, Vice President of Oper$tions & Development, directly $t (803) 978-5530, or em$il $briggs@sol$r$investments.com.